Johnson Matthey is a leading supplier of retrofit diesel emissions control systems for non-road machinery.

General Information

All Johnson Matthey retrofit filter systems offer the following advantages:

Performance: Johnson Matthey filter systems have been independently tested and approved by the VERT project in Switzerland. They were shown to reduce particulate count by 99.9%.

Reliability: Johnson Matthey Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) (link) systems are designed specifically for off-road machines using robust stainless steel housings and vibration-reducing mountings.

High quality electronic systems monitor back pressure and control regeneration (see PIO-CAN).

Confidence: Johnson Matthey is a world leader in the control of vehicle emissions and has supplied tens of thousands of DPF systems for on- and non-road applications.

Non-road DPFs are backed by a warranty and technical support.

Suitability: The Johnson Matthey DPF range offers filter sizes, filter types and regeneration methods to cover most non-road applications.

The selection and sizing of systems is based on our expertise in emissions control combined with its experience supplying off-road applications.

Productivity: The modular design enables easy inspection and servicing. The monitoring and control systems are designed to minimise demands on the operator. Service intervals are typically the same as for the engine.

Installation: Johnson Matthey DPF kits are designed to replace the existing silencer in a machine, in the same space wherever possible. An electric cable connects the DPF (?) and the PIO-CAN monitor/data-logger.

The DPF can therefore be installed quickly and neatly, maintaining the appearance of the machine and saving on installation costs.

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